What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Diane and Jim, just want to say "thanks" again for your "compassionate consulting".  I am learning a lot, and it's great to work with folks who have both hearts and minds fully engaged!" Executive Director, Social Sector Organization

"You brought a depth of your own personal and academic experience to the table that I don't believe we would have gotten elsewhere. A great deal of the success is directly attributed to the insight you gained into our company, your wise counsel and your relentless pushing us past what might be a more comfortable position to ensure that the participants walked away with an 'amazing' experience. I believe that we accomplished that." Sr V.P., Talent and Learning Resources

"It was a great day. I am more appreciative than you will ever know as I think some great things came out that can now really be flushed out."
President, Social Sector Organization

"I can't thank you both enough. You have given me a real insight into my organization and I have a lot of new perspective" Executive Vice President, Human Resources

"Having participated in many strategic planning sessions over the years, I was very impressed with your knowledge, capability, enthusiasm and professionalism.  I would not hesitate to recommend you, or work with you again." Board Member

"Our additional surprise pieces of work are great examples of your continued responsiveness and support as well as willingness to go beyond the normal scope of the work. Your focus was not just to get the material to the participants, but to engage them - both their hearts and minds. You have not only 'delivered' the material, you have coached our Management Development Team and our customers. It has been a pleasure to have partnered with you in this endeavor."
Director, Management Development

"Thank You. It is truly a pleasure to work with TMT. Your energy and commitment to this work is inspirational." Director, Talent Management and Training

"Thank you for a tremendously successful M and A program. It was quite apparent the extensive research and preparation you had done in advance to focus on our specific challenges and improvement areas."
Manager, Human Resources Mergers and Acquisitions

"Excellent program! Very Involved! The Best Class Yet!"
       Participants, Professional Executive Leadership School

"One of the best workshops I have ever attended"
       Participant, Mergers and Acquisitions for HR Professionals

"Did an excellent job of taking the energy of the group and having it flow into each topic. Great team energy generated by Diane and Jim."
       Participant, Customized Leadership Development Program

"They are terrific presenters. I thoroughly enjoyed them and the topics we covered" <br>        Participant, Customized Leadership Development Program

"Interactive – discussion intensive – and extremely helpful"
       Participant, Organization Communications and Culture

"This was really an excellent program. It did a good job of presenting new information and pulling from participants. It also provided great resources for future activity." Participant, Mergers and Acquisitions for Human Resources