Strategic Renewal

Strategic planning comes in many forms and flavors. While there is no one right way to do it, we have all experienced enough of these approaches to know that it does not work when a few smart people sit in a room and design a plan for others to hear about and be guided by.

A strategic plan is accepted and becomes actionable only when it:

  • Is based on facts, trend data and rigorous analysis
  • Is crafted by those who will be responsible for carrying it out
  • Addresses individual responsibilities and the interdependencies required to achieve superior execution
  • Incorporates a means of measuring results

We developed the STARRS® process to address these points and take strategic planning to a new level of effectiveness for organizations. STARRS® stands for:
trategic Thinking, Action, Responsibility, and Results.

Its success is built on a highly inclusive, interactive and inspiring process that:

  • Addresses strategic, organizational and cultural issues simultaneously
  • Uses a highly structured, data driven situation assessment process
  • Incorporates proven group process and engagement tools to identify major strategic issues as well as your organization's readiness to leverage assets or develop capability in a proactive response to these issues.
  • Develops major strategies thru a facilitated "Visions of Success" activity that enables participants to create images and scenarios of their desired futures.
  • Develops specific strategies, goals, tactics and measures of success

We have facilitated our two-day STARRS® process with groups of different sizes facing diverse issues and opportunities, and it results in a meaningful plan and energized participants who see themselves in the contents and own the outcomes.

As important, the facilitated process and group activities break down barriers and strengthen teamwork. Participants overcome functional barriers, recognize their interdependencies and establish work and communications processes to ensure goals are achieved.