Special Programs

Given our experience as executives, researchers, teachers and coaches, from time to time we are asked to design programs or consult on special needs within organizations.

Examples of such efforts include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions for Human Resources Professionals
    • A workshop focused on elevating the tactical and strategic contribution of Human Resources during and following M&A activity.
  • Strategy Cafes
    • Our original design incorporating engagement and dialogue techniques to teach strategic thinking and planning skills together with business relevant realities. Our article published by the Society for Organizational Learning entitled, Leadership Development Employing Cafe Conversations describes how we integrated this strategic thinking approach into leadership universities.
    • Another original design for strategic planning that produces grounded, realistic and measurable action plans. It relies on proven group process tools to address strategic, organizational and cultural issues simultaneously. The result is a focused and committed workforce collaborating to deliver plan goals.
  • Appreciative Inquiry as a Change Leadership Tool
    • A customized approach that brings together tactical action steps for change leaders, a planning perspective based on possibilities rather than problem solving and a methodology that maximizes organization involvement and commitment.
  • Organizations in the Crosshairs©
    • A unique expertise on the strategic and organizational consequences that occur when a company becomes a target of government, legal or public scrutiny. Both partners are personally experienced with the proactive and reactive strategies necessary to keep an organization focused and motivated through the additional challenges that arise during legal, regulatory or societal attacks. This expertise is also appropriate for lawyers and other outside advisors working with the organization throughout the crisis.