At TMT, we believe that leadership is the critical success factor separating great organizations from good ones.  There is no shortage of smart, motivated, hard-working talent around, yet indications from the organizational front lines tell us there is a shortage of effective leadership.  We had to stop and ask ourselves why.

Leaders today are working to move their organizations from where they are to where they need to be, seizing opportunities to create change rather than be managed by it. They are determining direction, inspiring others with a vision and translating that vision to clear objectives that others can act on.

To us, great leadership takes more.   While what you do is important, the most effective leadership is more about who you are while in pursuit of goals.  The most effective leaders are those that can:

  • Change their actions in response to circumstances and opportunities yet hold firm to their beliefs, values and behaviors. 
  • Appreciate culture in order to understand what they influence and what they must influence
  • Communicate with words and behaviors to engage others in shared purpose
  • Require fairness to all and by all
  • Appreciate creativity and difference rather than fear it
  • Ask the right questions and inspire others to answer them
  • Think like a student and continuously learn
  • Analyze a system for root cause and not a symptom for quick fix
  • Confront reality impersonally
  • Partner and network energetically
  • Encourage others to do the same

We work with senior leaders and teams to increase their understanding of and success with the behaviors, tools and skills necessary to increase their leadership effectiveness.

We start by creating focus on a shared set of leadership expectations.  To this end, we developed a simple, clear and comprehensive framework for leadership success.  Our model speaks to both the “what” and the “how” of leadership. It does not focus on any one big thing because successful leadership is always more than one big thing.

Our model is simple - 4 deliverables and 5 core behaviors – but simple does not mean easy.  Each deliverable results from a series of actions that must be taken, and each behavior listed is meant not as a one size fits all prescription but rather a reference we work to personalize for you according to your own capabilities and strengths.

We offer individual coaching and deliver feedback to help you enhance the behaviors and skills that make sense in light of your strengths, your culture and your goals.  We also offer coaching to both intact and newly formed leadership teams.

Customized Leadership Development Universities:

TMT has also been privileged to be involved in the custom design of leadership development universities that incorporate knowledge and skill building for success in the future while integrating dialogue and engagement tools that these leaders can use on an ongoing basis with their teams and organizations.