Employee Engagement

Employees come to work to contribute and make a difference.  All too often, situations at work cause them to switch to survival mode.  We can help you reinvigorate your workplace, win the war for talent and focus your organization’s capabilities to deliver new levels of accomplishment. 

Our approach is not to design a one-off, something that you stop and do as time permits.  Rather, we custom design engagement tools that accomplish real work while fitting with the organization’s culture and your leadership style.

We use ten principles to guide our custom designs, including:

  1. The drivers of employee engagement are unique to each organization and its circumstances, culture and leadership.
  2. Perceptions of leaders are one of the largest influences on employee engagement.
  3. Leaders and employees each have information the other needs but does not have.
  4. We can improve how we learn and change if we change the way we communicate and interact.
  5. Inclusion of different perspectives increases understanding, broadens thinking, stimulates learning and diminishes the role of self-interest.
  6. Inclusion of multiple levels, functions and stakeholders builds trust by connecting larger groups of people to shared ideas and each other.
  7. Inclusion leads to shared action plans, stronger collaboration and increased ownership of outcomes.
  8. Increased participation and thought diversity calls for leaders with strong dialog and inquiry skills.
  9. Increased participation and thought diversity calls for leaders with the ability to impersonally talk about what is difficult.
  10. Breakthroughs and paradigm shifts must be experienced by all levels of an organization.

Whether it’s structured dialog processes based on Café conversation principles, thinking processes based upon Appreciative Inquiry tenets, or inclusion techniques based on Conference or Open Space models, your employees will feel re-connected to the opportunities and issues, aware of how they can add value and energized to take necessary actions together. 

Perceptions of leaders are one of the largest influences on employee engagement.  These perceptions are not just about what leaders do, they are also about who leaders are and how they lead.  We work with leaders throughout an organization to strengthen behaviors necessary to attract, engage, motivate and retain employees in the 21st century workplace.  We coach leaders on the use of inquiry and dialog techniques as well as the styles and behaviors necessary to maintain pride and trust within your organization.

No more than 30% of today’s workforces describe themselves as engaged at work.  This sad statistic opens up tremendous opportunities for gain… when engaged employees come to work with their head and hearts committed to shared goals, results surge forward and everyone wins.