Diane B. Oettinger

Diane B. Oettinger
Diane is a partner in TMT Associates, a consulting practice she co-founded in 2000 to align systems and build cultures that enable innovation, change and learning capabilities.  She draws upon her experiences as senior corporate leader, advisor, coach and executive education faculty to design unique initiatives that deliver measurable results.  Diane is also experienced in the design of leadership development programs that draw upon dialog and engagement methodologies to create sustainable learning opportunities. A paper she co-authored on this topic titled “Leadership Development Using Strategy Cafes” was published in April 2007.  She has also developed a model for effective leadership of knowledge workers that facilitates both individual development and clear, shared organizational expectations.

Prior to her work with TMT Associates, Diane’s corporate experience included positions with J.C.Penney, Merrill Lynch, and Philip Morris, culminating with the position of Senior Vice President, Human Resources for PM USA. 

During her thirty years in the fields of organization strategy and human resources, Diane has done extensive change work and executive coaching, assisting organizations and leaders build the cultures and processes necessary to stimulate creativity, drive effective teamwork and embrace thought diversity. She also offers specialty consulting in the leadership of employees through organizational crisis as well as elevating the strategic contributions of the Human Resources function.

Diane is currently active in the Society for Organizational Learning and has received facilitator certification from the Center for Creative Leadership for selected programs.  She has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Compensation Association; membership in the Academy of Women Achievers, YWCA of New York City; and has been honored by the Friars Club for contributions to underprivileged children in New York City.  She has also served as adjunct faculty in executive development through the University of Richmond, and volunteers as a teacher for Junior Achievement at the high school level. 

Diane is a 1973 graduate of Cornell University where she earned a B.S. Industrial and Labor Relations.  She also successfully completed the Duke University Senior Executive Development Program.

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